Our Horses


Since our founding in 1978, Riding For the Disabled Hutt Valley Group has developed and grown in a positive direction. We’re very proud of the horses and ponies- see below


Age:       7

Height:     14.2 hh

Colour:     Black
Sex:          Mare
Beauty joined us in April 2019, along with Goodie and Dallas.  They all travelled down from Auckland together. 
Beauty is Northland bred (which means unknown origins ).
We use Beauty mainly for our Educational programme as she loves being led around the arena.
Beauty enjoys everyone's company and loves to be outside


Age:     15

Height: 14.2 hh
Colour: Bay
Sex: Gelding
Breed: Kaimanawa
Bailey arrived at HVRDA from a local family whose child had
outgrown him.
Bailey is very laid back and not much fazes him.
We use Bailey mainly for our Educational programme as he loves
going slow and looking after his riders.
Bailey loves hanging out in the paddock with his mates, and feed


Age:         6
Height:    15.2 hh
Colour:    Chestnut
Sex:         Mare

Dallas arrived at HVRDA with Beauty and Goodie after travelling all the way from Auckland. 

Dallas is a cross between a Quarter Horse and an Appaloosa.  She will eventually mature to around 15.2 hh so this will make her a horse  and not a pony.

Dallas is very sensible for her age and we are introducing her slowly into the programme.  Dallas loves to work and is learning fast.

Dallas loves snacks 


Age:        16
Height:    15 hh
Colour:    Bay
Sex:         Gelding

Dude returned to HVRDA after having some time out and training.  Since his return Dude has been enjoying himself.

His laid back attitude, long flowing trot and rocking horse canter makes him well suited to all parts of the RDA programme.  He also LOVES to jump.

Dude is a handsome boy and he knows it!  He loves any attention you give him and adores lots and lots of pats. 


Age:        15
Height:    13.2 hh
Colour:    Dun
Sex:        Mare

Echo came to HVRDA from a local riding school.  Echo is a friendly, patient pony who loves her job.

As an ex-riding school pony Echo knows what to do and has slotted into our programme perfectly.  With her placid nature she is suited to all aspects of the RDA programmes.

Echo loves to run around her paddock and have a cheeky buck when no one is around. 


Age:         11
Height:    13.3 hh
Colour:    Skewbald
Sex:        Gelding

Goodie arrived at HVRDA with Beauty and Dallas travelling all the way from Auckland.  Goodie is a Stationbred (which means unknown origins)

Goodie is a hard worker and his great paces and wide back makes him great for our therapy based riders.  He can also turn a hoof in our Sport and Recreation Programme too.

Goodie loves cuddles and his super cute face has us all falling in love with him every day.


Age:         11
Height:    16 hh
Colour:    Bay
Sex:         Mare

Janey arrived at HVRDA from a Wellington family who wanted a
slower pace of life for her.
Janey has been a competition horse and has been competed to
Level 2 dressage.
Janey will be used primarily for our Sport and Recreation
Programme as she is a bit tall for us to hold a rider on!
Janey loves a scratch and adores having a fuss made of her.


Age:         156
Height:    14.1 hh
Colour:    Chestnut
Sex:         Mare

Lucy came from a local home where the owner has had her since she was 7 months old.

She is a lovely calm and steady horse with a great laid-back personality.

Lucy has great paces that are well suited to both therapy and recreational riding.

With her Barbie doll looks, she is a firm favourite with our riders and volunteers alike.


Age:         17
Height:    13.2 hh
Colour:    Black
Sex:         Gelding

This hardy shaggy gentleman is an Icelandic pony.  He may be little but Skuggi has horse strength and a big heart.  Skuggi is Icelandic for Shadow.

His patience and wide body make him suitable for therapeutic riding but he is also a willing participant in our Recreational riding.  Skuggi’s obliging nature and versatility make him a firm favourite at HVRDA.

Because of his Icelandic heritage, this lovable fellow has a unique addition to his repertoire of gaits; look out for Skuggi’s fluid alternative to trotting the “tölt”.


Age:         13
Height:    14.1 hh
Colour:    Flea Bitten Grey
Sex:         Mare

Willow came to us from Whangarei.

Willow loves a cuddle and treat but also loves a bit of time to herself.

She is a sweet kind natured pony and her build suits a wide range of riders and side walkers making her an asset to all programmes at RDA.

Although Willow is gentle with us she can be very bossy in the paddock with her fellow horses

Jo Moore Photography

The wonderful Jo Moore, Wellington photographer, recently donated her time to HVRDA and took beautiful photos of all our horses.  We are incredibly grateful, and very impressed by her talents!  Jo loves animals and photographs all pets big and small, and is also a wedding photographer.  If you need photos of your special day or amazing shots of your furry friends, please check out her fantastic work and get in touch with her!





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